Orbital Medicine

The members of Orbital Medicine have direct experience as providers and researchers in the aerospace environment. In the past they have provided launch and landing support for the NASA Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center and participated in research in the microgravity environment on parabolic aircraft. All members of Orbital Medicine are Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and are current practitioners in Emergency Departments around the country.

We provide highly skilled and experienced health professionals for your aerospace needs. We have extensive resources to assist an employer with consultative expertise, medical examinations, emergency medical planning and medical monitoring.

Our Mission

Our mission at Orbital Medicine is to provide specialized medical capabilities for microgravity research and spacecraft flight operations.

Our areas of research include those of emergency response capabilities and research and development of medical devices, techniques, and medical response capabilities for the aerospace medicine community.

The Exploration Medical Capability Element of the NASA Human Research Program is charged with reducing the risk of the “inability to adequately recognize or treat an ill or injured crew member.”


Orbital Medicine helps NASA and the commercial spaceflight industry create, develop and test medical devices and procedures to ensure a safer space exploration capability.