Dr. Cuttino

Orbital Medicine, Inc (Richmond, VA) is a consulting firm established by Dr. Marsh Cuttino to assist in the development and testing of medical devices and concepts in the microgravity environment. Dr. Cuttino is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He is a currently practicing Emergency Physician with ApolloMD. He is the Chairman of Emergency Medicine at the five hospital Henrico Doctors’ Hospitals system. He has privileges at multiple hospitals in the metro Richmond, VA area. He is Medical Director of three emergency departments: The Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Forest Emergency Department, the Hanover Emergency Center, and the West Creek Emergency Center.

Dr. Cuttino worked with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center from 1995 – 1998 at a medical support physician for launch and landing operations of the Space Shuttle, and participated in numerous disaster drills with NASA.

In 1998 Dr. Cuttino participated in the Aerospace Medical Residency elective at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas, and completed a research project on micrometeoroid and orbital debris trauma during extra-vehicular activity.

Dr. Cuttino has been a leader and a member of numerous microgravity flight experiment campaigns with the NASA Reduced Gravity Flight Program. This program utilizes parabolic flight to produce short periods of zero gravity. Some of the research has included testing of the METI Human Patient Simulator, evaluation of suturing techniques in microgravity, evaluation of hand-assisted laparoscopy in microgravity, and evaluation of emergency medical interventions in microgravity. Dr. Cuttino has a completed projects with the NASA Flight Opportunities Office for a campaign for testing of a novel medical device that was manifested in the summer of 2012.

The project was expanded and additional development was funded under a NASA REDDI grant in 2015. The project flew on parabolic flight with Zero G corporation in November 2016, and a suborbital flight is expected in 2017.

Dr. Cuttino was a former Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University and has an extensive background in education, space medicine and physiology, and human simulation. He lectures extensively on Emergency Medicine and Space Medicine Topics at a national level.

He has extensive event medical experience, including as a member of the elite AMR NASCAR safety team.