Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference 2012

Dr. Cuttino gave a presentation on medical clearance for suborbital spaceflight today at the Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference 2012 in Palo Alto, California. The talk covered the aspects of medical clearance, what types of problems could be expected in suborbital spaceflight, and the regulating mechanisms in place by the FAA. The talk was well attended and well received.

The keynote talk at the conference was given by Neal Armstrong who discussed the development and flight testing of the X-15

A link to the talk abstract can be found here:

Orbital Medicine, Inc was awarded a NASA Payload Opportunities Grant.

9/21/2011 – Orbital Medicine Founder Dr. Marsh Cuttino will test an experimental design for a chest tube drainage device functional in the microgravity environment.

NASA has selected nine proposals to demonstrate new technologies for the second set of payloads to fly on commercial suborbital reusable launch vehicles and the Zero-G commercial parabolic aircraft. NASA is using commercially available vehicles to carry these technology demonstration payloads to help develop the U.S. commercial reusable suborbital transportation industry.

NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program provides test flights to demonstrate and validate space technologies on airborne platforms flying above 65,000 feet, the area known as “near space.” The program also supports parabolic flights that simulate brief periods of microgravity or weightlessness.

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